About Empire

<Empire> is a Level 25 Raiding Guild created by the GM & Founder of TET along with 2 core officers.

With many years of experience between us & a thirst for quality raiding, we created a fun, mature environment for skilled players to Raid at a respectable level.  Our sensible 'raid schedule' of 3nights, 3hrs per raid, allows time for other things in-game & real life.  This is perfect for people with jobs, uni, families, kids etc..  We have always competed with other top guilds who raid more often, by prepping properly & having the right attitude.  When you raid less, you have to raid smarter; that's our aim.

If you like what you've seen & are interested in joining <Empire> please apply in our 'Recruitment' section.

Thanks for reading,

Back King (GM)

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